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Subsupply is one of the smallest independent family businesses in the world of commercial divers and sport divers and perhaps the smallest A-brand in The Netherlands. Since 2001 Subsupply designs and produces sheaths for Green River knives, the dive knife for commercial divers around the world. Besides the production of the sheaths, we also produce gloves and tool bags in-house where slightest changes or desired customer specifications (depending on the number) can be implemented quickly.

Besides our own production, we are importer for the brands ProBlue diving equipment and Lumica lightsticks as well as dealer for Northern Diver, Victory and Spyderco knives. We keep all products in stock and we process your order immediately so we can keep our completion time as short as possible. Subsupply stands for quality and flexibility. For all commercial and recreational divers, we guarantee our products are reliable. A need underwater.

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Importer and dealer

Besides our own products, we are importer of:

  • Pro Blue diving accessoires
  • Lumica lightsticks

We are also dealer of the following brands:

  • Northern Diver
  • Spyderco knives
  • C-Tecnics
  • Victory diving knives
  • Peli cases


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